Estonian and Finnish graduating seniors' opinions and motivation about physical education

Kenneth Ahlbäck, Andre Koka, Tamara Janson


This study investigated the general feelings and opinions about their health, school, leisure time physical activity and physical education among senior graduating students in Estonia and Finnish. The results showed that Estonian and Finnish youth had similar opinions about their health and the similar patterns in leisure time physical activity.
Many of the Finnish and Estonian graduating senior reported that there is something that bothers in PE classes (PE classes are boring, condition, evaluation system). Finnish and Estonians students reported that evaluation is based on too much performing of general standards although evaluation should measure more individual development and how individual pushes during the PE classes. Most of the Estonian students reported that conditions during and especially after PE classes needed improvements. The study demonstrated that Finnish boys were more interested in having more PE in schools than Estonian boys. However most of the Estonian graduating students reported that there should be more optional PE lessons for choosing in schools.
Additionally, in terms of motivation in physical education, the study revealed that the external type of motivation among Estonian girls was significantly higher compared to Finnish girls.


health; leisure time physical activity; intrinsic and extrinsic motivation; physical education

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