Changes in technique of handspring double salto forward tucked performed on horse and vaulting table

Ivan Čuk, S. M. Ferkolj


Aim of the research was to determine changes in technique parameters while performing handspring double salto forward tucked (Roche) on old horse and new vaulting table. On a sample of 9 vaults performed in 2000 World Cup in Ljubljana on horse and 9 vaults performed at World championship in Debrecen on vaulting table we made a series of t-tests for biomechanics kinematics parameters. There are differences in many variables, but most important are those related to the support phase (position of hands, take off vertical velocity) which also causes better outcome during the flight and landing. New vaulting table is really much better apparatus than the horse as has better place for support, which makes easier production of angular momentum (inclined table) and higher vertical take off velocity.


artistic gymnastics; vault; horse; table; biomechanics; double salto

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