Beyond “caution, pragmatism and cynicism”? France’s relations with the Eastern Baltic in times of crisis (1918–1922; 1988–1992) [Kokkuvõte: Kas ainult “ettevaatlikkus, pragmatism ja künism”? Prantsusmaa ja Baltimaade suhted kriisiaastatel (1918–1922; 1988–1992)]

Una Bergmane, Louis Clerc


France’s relations with the small states in the Eastern Baltic have been the object of studies focusing mostly on geostrategic elements. Seen through that lens, France appears to concentrate mostly on supporting Russia as a stabilizing force in the Baltic, with little interest in the claims of small states. But there are other elements shaping France’s policy towards these small states, elements that this article will present and that allow for a more varied view of French policy towards Finland and the Baltic states.


France; Finland; Baltic states; international relations; 1918–1920; 1988–1992

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