New records of lichens and lichenicolous fungi from the Southern Ural Mountains, Russia. II

Irina Urbanavichene, Gennadii Urbanavichus, Anna Mežaka, Zdeněk Palice


Fifty five species of lichens and lichenicolous fungi are reported from the Southern Ural (Republic of Bashkortostan and Chelyabinsk Region). Graphis betulina, Micarea micrococca, and Ramonia chrysophaea are reported for the first time in Russia. Abrothallus microspermus, Arthopyrenia grisea, Biatora pontica, Collema ligerinum, Puttea margaritella, Rinodina granulans, Rinodina malangica, Syzygospora physciacearum and Xylographa trunciseda are new to Ural Region. Calicium glaucellum, Chaenotheca gracillima, Microcalicium disseminatum, Parmeliella triptophylla, Ramalina obtusata and Sphaerellothecium reticulatum are new to Southern Ural. 21 species are new to the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Chelyabinsk Region, and 50 species are reported for the first time from the protected areas of the Southern Ural. Brief comments on the most interesting species and their ecology (habitat and substrate preferences) and chorology are given. 

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