Melaspilea galligena sp. nov. and some other lichenicolous fungi from Russia

Mikhail P. Zhurbenko, Ilya S. Zhdanov


Thirty species of lichenicolous fungi are reported, many being new to various regions of Russia. Melaspilea galligena sp. nov. growing on Pertusaria cf. cribellata is described from Russian Far East. A possibly new lichenicolous Toninia species (on Parmelina tiliacea) and a species of Arthonia (on Cladonia) with 1–2-septate ascospores resembling poorly known A. lepidophila are described, illustrated and discussed. Dactylospora suburceolata is reported new to Russia and Asia, growing on a new host species Mycobilimbia carneoalbida. Tremella cetrariicola is new to Siberia and Clypeococcum cetrariae is newly documented on Vulpicida

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