Lichen flora of Rodnei Mountains National Park (Eastern Carpathians, Romania) including new records for the Romanian mycoflora

Ioana Violeta Ardelean, Christine Keller, Christoph Scheidegger


We investigated the lichen flora of the main habitats existing in Rodnei Mountains identifying 283 lichen species, and one subspecific taxon. Of these, 67 taxa are new records for the lichen flora of Romania, and 182 species are reported for the first time in Rodnei Mountains. Considering previous reports and our results, 442 lichen taxa are reported in Rodnei Mountains region in total, accounting for approx. 35% of the total lichen flora of Romania. When comparing the Red Lists of Romania and surrounding Carpathian countries, our data revealed the presence of a high number of threatened species in the region. 

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