New records of aphyllophoroid fungi (Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota) from the Les na Vorskle area of the Belogor’e Nature Reserve (Belgorod Region, Russia)

Sergey Volobuev, Anton Logachev, Nikolay Mushnikov, Mikhail Okun


Fifty-two species of aphyllophoroid fungi have been recorded for the first time from the Belogor’e Nature Reserve and from the Belgorod Region of Russia. An annotated list of records with data on substrate, habitat type and voucher numbers (LE, OHHI) is provided. Several rare and restrictedly distributed species in Europe are presented, viz. Hapalopilus croceus, Phellinus rimosus, Pseudomerulius aureus, Sarcoporia polyspora, and Skeletocutis odora. Two species, Gloeohypochnicium analogum and Granulobasidium vellereum, are proposed to be considered as indicators of biologically valuable broad-leaved forests in Eastern Europe. 


aphyllophoroid fungi; biodiversity; fungal distribution; reserve; Hapalopilus croceus

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