Checklist of liverworts of the Lapland State Nature Biosphere Reserve (Murmansk Province, Russia)

Eugene A. Borovichev


This new list of hepatics for the Lapland State Nature Biosphere Reserve (LSNBR), one of the largest reserves in European Russia, consists of 173 species. Here are summarized all available data on the diversity of liverworts of LSNBR, including approximately 2500 specimens collected by the author. The liverwort flora is the richest amongst those of large State Nature Reserves of the European part of Russia. Eight taxa of liverworts are known in Murmansk Province from the LSNBR only: Frullania tamarisci, Lejeunea cavifolia, Lophoziopsis excisa var. elegans, Mannia triandra, Reboulia hemisphaerica, Oleolophozia perssonii, Nowellia curvifolia, Scapania calcicola. The liverwort diversity varies slightly between different LSNBR Mountains: in Salnye Tundry Mts there were recorded 139 species, in Chuna-tundra Mts – 133, in Monche-tundra Mts – 124, in Nyavka-tundra – 112. The territory gives a good representation for protection and sustainable development of rare hepatic species – fifteen species are red-listed in Europe, four liverworts are included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and thirty one taxa are protected in Murmansk Province. 

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