New occurrences of aphyllophoroid fungi (Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota) in the Central Forest State Biosphere Nature Reserve, Tver Region, Russia

Ilya A. Viner, Dmitry S. Schigel, Heikki Kotiranta


New data on non-agaricoid wood-inhabiting basidiomycetes collected from dead wood in the Central Forest Nature Reserve are provided. In total, 228 species were recorded during short-term visits in 2009–2015, of which 37 are reported as new to the reserve. An annotated species list is presented including details of associated substrata and, when available, personal fungarium specimen numbers. The paper increases the total number of species reported for the reserve and provides notes on specimens belonging to the genus Phlebiella, which is probably an undescribed species. Records of some rare, or rarely collected species, such as Antrodiella foliaceodentata, Basidiodendron radians, Phlebiella fibrillosa and Tulasnella eichleriana are discussed. 


Polypores; corticioid; biodiversity; dead wood

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