Foliicolous lichens from Suriname and Guyana: new records and three new species

Pieter P. G. van den Boom, Harrie J. M. Sipman


Sampling of foliicolous lichens by the first author in Suriname in 2014 resulted in 103 records of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi for Suriname, including 89 first records for the country and one undescribed species. Fieldwork in Guyana by the second author in 1992 and 1997 brought 29 new records, including a new chemical strain for Loflammea epiphylla and two undescribed species. A full list for Suriname is presented (130 taxa), the additions for Guyana are listed, and the new species Calenia surinamensis, Enterographa paruimae and Strigula transversoundulata are described. 


Lichenized Ascomycetes; biodiversity; rainforests; Neotropics

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