Preferences of epiphytic bryophytes for forest stand and substrate in North-East Latvia

Sanita Putna, Anna Mežaka


Distribution of epiphytic bryophyte species was studied in Woodland Key Habitats (WKH) and in managed forest stands in the North-East Latvia (district Gulbene). In total, 32 epiphytic bryophyte species were found in six WKH stands. Five endangered/threatened bryophyte species (Anomodon longifolius, Homalia trichomanoides, Jamesoniella autumnalis, Lejeunea cavifolia, Neckera pennata), that are listed in the Red Data Book of Latvia were recorded. The relation between the total and endangered/threatened epiphytic bryophyte species richness and composition with substrate factors (phorophyte species, diameter at breast height (DBH), shading, and tree bark pH) was studied. The most important factors regarding epiphytic bryophyte species cover, composition and richness were found to be tree species, DBH, bark pH and forest shading. WKH indicator species richness showed significant relationship only with tree species. Tree species was one of the most important factors explaining epiphytic species distribution.

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