New records and noteworthy lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Pasvik Reserve, Murmansk Region, Russia

Gennadii Urbanavichus, Irina Urbanavichene


Sixteen species of lichens, five lichenicolous fungi and two non-lichenized fungi are reported for the first time for Pasvik Reserve (NW Murmansk Region). Clypeococcum hypocenomycis, Protoparmelia ochrococca and Xylographa vermicularis are new to the Murmansk Region and Xylographa vermicularis is new to Europe. Ten species are rarely recorded for Murmansk Region, European Russia or Russia: Arctoparmelia subcentrifuga, Chaenothecopsis debilis, Lathagrium undulatum, Merismatium nigritellum, Microcalicium disseminatum, Phaeophyscia nigricans, Placynthium asperellum, Protothelenella leucothelia, Stereocaulon capitellatum and Stigmidium leprariae. Fourteen species are new to the biogeographic province of Lapponia petsamoënsis. Two species, Arctoparmelia subcentrifuga and Stereocaulon capitellatum, are included in the Red Data Book of the Murmansk Region. Brief notes, mainly on habitats and distribution, are provided for all species listed. 


lichens; new records; diversity; conservation; distribution; North-Western Russia

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