New occurrences of corticioid and poroid fungi (Basidiomycota) in Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, Primorye Territory, Russian Far East

Ilya A. Viner, Lyudmila Yu. Kokaeva


New data on corticioid and poroid basidiomycetes from Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, Primorye Territory, Russian Far East, is presented. Altogether there are 182 known species from the reserve; 76 are reported as new to the reserve and two as new to Russia. The material was collected in July of 2016 from 9 study plots located in forests of different types. Findings of some rarely collected species such as Botryobasidium botryoideum, Cerinomyces aff. aculeatus, Junghuhnia aurantilaeta, Phanerochaete robusta and Tyromyces wynneae are briefly discussed. The full-length ITS sequences of Junghuhnia aurantilaeta, Phanerochaete robusta, Pyrrhoderma cf. sendaiense and Tyromyces wynneae were obtained and deposited in the GenBank. Junghuhnia aurantilaeta is proposed to be included in the new edition of the Red Data Book of Primorye Territory. The paper expands the knowledge of distribution of many species and increases the total number of species reported for the reserve. 


biodiversity; corticioids; polypors; Russian Far East

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