The lichen biota of the Drawieński National Park (NW Poland, Western Pomerania)

Ulf Schiefelbein, Paweł Czarnota, Holger Thüs, Martin Kukwa


The whole known lichen biota of the Drawieński National Park is presented. In total 290 species (262 lichenized, 25 lichenicolous and 3 lichen-related, saprotrophic fungi) are listed. Trichonectria anisospora and Milospium lacoizquetae are reported as new to Poland. Lecanora stenotropa and Phaeophyscia pusilloides are reported for the first time from Polish lowlands. The most lichenologically interesting and richest habitat complexes are the river valleys with their beech slope forests, their alluvial forests and their fast running rivers. Further habitats of high nature conservation value are roadside trees and pine forests, which inhabit a rich lichen biota as well. 

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