Myxomycetes of the island of Saaremaa, Estonia

Grazina Adamonyte, Veiko Kastanje


Forty three species and infraspecific taxa of myxomycetes were recorded in different ecotopes of the Saaremaa island, the West Estonian Archipelago, during the 17th Symposium of the Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists in 2008. Among them, thirteen species were found for the first time in Estonia: Arcyria abietina, Comatricha ellae, Craterium leucocephalum, Diderma effusum, Didymium nigripes, Echinostelium apitectum, Licea minima, L. operculata, Physarum robustum, P. viride, Stemonaria irregularis, Stemonitopsis amoena, and Trichia munda

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