Additions to the lichen biota of Berezovye Islands, Leningrad Region, Russia

Irina S. Stepanchikova, Ulf Schiefelbein, Nadezhda M. Alexeeva, Teuvo Ahti, Martin Kukwa, Dmitry E. Himelbrant, Juha Pykälä


66 species of lichens, 9 lichenicolous fungi and 4 non-lichenized saprobic fungi are reported as new to the Berezovye Islands (Leningrad Region, Russia). The updated lichen biota of the archipelago comprises 356 species. Caloplaca maritima, Lecanora compallens, Verrucaria boblensis and Xanthoriicola physciae are reported for the first time for Russia, Lecanora aitema – for European Russia, Lecanora semipallida and Lichenodiplis lecanorae – for North-Western European Russia. Absconditella sphagnorum, Chaenothecopsis vainioana, Lempholemma polyanthes and Opegrapha niveoatra are new to the Leningrad Region, Arthonia byssacea and Lecanora subrugosa – to the Western Leningrad Region. 

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