New Estonian records. Mosses. Pezizales (Ascomycetes). Lichenized, lichenicolous and allied fungi

Kai Vellak, Mare Leis, Nele Ingerpuu, Leiti Kannukene, Bellis Kullman, Ave Suija, Ede Leppik, Inga Jüriado, Piret Lõhmus, Liis Marmor, Lauri Saag


Since 2009 five species new for Estonian bryo- flora have been found. These additions raise the total number of species in the list of Estonian bryophytes up to 583. 

Seventeen species are reported as new for Estonia, of them ten are lichenized, six are lichenicolous fungi and one is non-lichenized fungus. The presence of Verrucaria submersella, previously known by literature data only, is confirmed, and Lecanora epibryon, previously considered to be extict from the local lichen flora, was rediscovered. Lepraria sylvestris which has earlier been reported in literature as new for Estonia is not confirmed hereby as further chemical analysis is needed, and Cladonia monomorpha is excluded from the list of Estonian lichens as a misidentification. 

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