Epiphytic lichens and bryophytes as indicators of air pollution in Kyiv city (Ukraine)

Lyudmyla Dymytrova


The distribution of epiphytic lichens and bryophytes was studied in the built-up area of Kyiv (Ukraine). 65 epiphytic lichen and 20 bryophyte species were found in 272 sampling plots. Three indices (the total number of species, the index of atmospheric purity and the modified index of atmospheric purity) were calculated separately for lichens and bryophytes, and for all epiphytic species. A total of nine indices were quantified. Based on these indices, four zones with different air pollution were distinguished in Kyiv. Indicator species of these zones were proposed and can be used for further monitoring. Indicative value of lichens and bryophytes was compared. 

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ISSN 1406-2070 (print)
ISSN 1736-7786 (online)
Journal DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12697/issn1406-2070