Bryoflora and vegetation of Pakri Islands (Gulf of Finland, Estonia)

Leiti Kannukene, Mare Leis


The bryoflora of Pakri islands is very species-rich. On these islands 236 species of bryophytes (31 liverworts, 205 mosses) have been found. The most species-rich habitats are alvars, limestone shingle beach ridges and limestone cliff. On Väike-Pakri island (12.9 km2) 215 species and on Suur-Pakri island (11.7 km2) 160 species of bryophytes are found. The number of rare species on Pakri islands is remarkable. Four species have their only Estonian localities on Pakri islands (Mannia sibirica, Bryum arcticum, Rhytidium rugosum and Seligeria patula). 

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