Diversity and distribution of thelephoroid fungi (Basidiomycota, Thelephorales) in the Sverdlovsk region, Russia

Anton Shiryaev


63 species of the thelephoroid fungi (Basidiomycota) are reported from the Sverdlovsk region (Russia), including fifteen new species for the region. One of them, Phellodon secretus is reported for the first time from Russia. This study is based on 931 collections and observations, as well as on literature data. The most frequent species are Hydnellum aurantiacum, H. ferrugineum, Sarcodon imbricatus, S. squamosus, Thelephora palmata, Th. terrestris, Tomentella bryophila, T. ellisii, T. ferruginea, T. radiosa, T. sublilacina. These species comprise 52% of all observations, but only 17.5% of all species found in the region. Nine species (14.3%) were collected only once, seven species (11.1%) twice, and six species (9.5%) three times, respectively. Some rare species are also infreguently collected in other regions of Russia, viz. Amaurodon cyaneus, A. mustialaensis, Hydnellum auratile, H. geogenium, H. peckii, Pseudotomentella flavovirens, P. nigra, Tomentella galzinii, T. viridula. The highest richness of species was in the southernmost areas of the region, esp. in mixed or broad-leaved forests. Only 4.8% of the total number of the species has been recorded in all biogeographical provinces and 20.6% of species were found only in one province. 

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