New lichen records from the Novgorod Region, Russia

  • Gulnara M. Tagirdzhanova
  • Olga A. Kataeva
  • Irina S. Stepanhcikova


Twenty lichen species are reported as new to the Novgorod Region (Russia) from Valdaysky National Park and Rdeysky Nature Reserve. Pyrenula chlorospila is recorded for the first time for European Russia outside Caucasus. Acrocordia cavata, Pertusaria coccodes, Rostania occultata and Scytinium subtile are recommended to be included in the Red Data Book of the Novgorod Region. 

How to Cite
Tagirdzhanova, G., Kataeva, O., & Stepanhcikova, I. (2014). New lichen records from the Novgorod Region, Russia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 51, 103-107.

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