Lichenicolous fungi from Far East of Russia

  • Mikhail P. Zhurbenko


Twenty three species of lichenicolous fungi are newly reported for Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia. Lichenostigma chlaroterae, Nectriopsis physciicola and Sphaerellothecium gallowayi are new to Russia and Asia; Trichonectria rubefaciens is new to Asia; Xenonectriella leptaleae is new to Asian Russia; Lichenostigma cosmopolites and Marchandiomyces corallinus are new to Far Eastern Federal District of Russia. Nectriopsis physciicola is newly documented on Heterodermia, Ovicuculispora parmeliae on Anaptychia, Pyxine and Rinodina, Trichonectria rubefaciens on Myelochroa and Xenonectriella leptaleae on Heterodermia. 

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Zhurbenko, M. (2014). Lichenicolous fungi from Far East of Russia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 51, 113-119.