Checklist of liverworts of the Pasvik State Nature Reserve (Murmansk Region, Russia)

Eugene A. Borovichev, Margarita A. Boychuk


Liverworts flora of the Pasvik State Nature Reserve (Pasvik Reserve) consists of 103 species, 5 subspecies and 2 varieties. We have summarized all available data on the diversity of liverworts of the Pasvik Reserve, including approximately 650 specimens collected by the authors. Calycularia laxa and Oleolophozia perssonii are reported for the second time from Murmansk Region. The territory is quite representative for protection and sustainable development of rare liverworts species – we found new localities for four red-listed European species (Barbilophozia rubescens, Haplomitrium hookeri, Lophozia ascendens and Nardia japonica), three liverworts included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation (Haplomitrium hookeri, Nardia breidleri and Oleolophozia perssonii) and 12 red-listed in the Murmansk Region.


liverworts; biodiversity; Pasvik State Nature Reserve; Murmansk Region; rare species

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