Revised Red Data List of Estonian bryophytes

  • Nele Ingerpuu
  • Kai Vellak
  • Loore Ehrlich
Keywords: IUCN criteria, IUCN criteria adjustments, threats, life longevity


All Estonian bryophyte species (597) that had written records up to 2018 were evaluated against IUCN criteria. More than half of the species belong to the least concern category, but almost one fourth (158) is evaluated as threatened, and one tenth (65) as near threatened. Eleven species are data deficient and 15 species are considered to be regionally extinct from Estonia. To achieve adequate assessment results for a small country, some criteria were adjusted. Changes compared to the previous red list and threats to the species are discussed. 

This version replaces the version of the same paper from 2018-08-14.


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Ingerpuu, N., Vellak, K., & Ehrlich, L. (2018). Revised Red Data List of Estonian bryophytes. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 55, 97-104.

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