New Estonian records: Lichenized fungi

  • Polina Degtjarenko
  • Inga Jüriado
  • Piret Lõhmus
Keywords: Cetrelia monachorum, Peltigera occidentalis, Peltigera frippi, Pelti­gera castanea


The lichenized fungi Cetrelia monachorum, Pelti­gera castanea and P. occidentalis are reported as new to Estonia after revision of herbarium samples; one further species, Peltigera frippi Holt.-Hartw., must be excluded from the list of Estonian lichens as a misidentification.

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Degtjarenko, P., Jüriado, I., & Lõhmus, P. (2018). New Estonian records: Lichenized fungi. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 55, 151-154.
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