Additions and amendments to the list of Estonian bryophytes

  • Kai Vellak
  • Rut Caparrós Callejo
  • Nele Ingerpuu
  • Mare Leis
  • Loore Ehrlich
  • Tiiu Kupper
Keywords: bryoflora, Estonia, new species, voucher specimens


Five new moss species and one variety are incorporated to the Estonian bryoflora, one species should be eliminated due to recent taxonomical study. The number of bryophyte species has now risen to 602 for Estonia, thus the number of species has doubled since the first published list in 1860.


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Vellak, K., Callejo, R. C., Ingerpuu, N., Leis, M., Ehrlich, L., & Kupper, T. (2019). Additions and amendments to the list of Estonian bryophytes. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 56, 1-5.

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