Physical activity and physical abilities test results by anthropometric characteristics of applicants to the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Epp Jalakas, Mari Järvelaid


The purpose of this study was to assess the main health-related anthropometric characteristics of young adults in order to evaluate the relationship of their anthropometric characteristics with the quantity and type of physical activity and the physical abilities according to sex. The study was carried out using a sample of young adults applying to the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (EASS) for programs which require physical ability tests upon application in order to ensure that public safety employees are capable of meeting the physical demands of their jobs.

The present study confirms that regular weekly physical activity is significantly correlated to body composition parameters as well as with the physical ability to perform fitness tests well.


young adults; physical abilities test; anthropometrics; weight; height; body mass index; waist circumference; waist to hip ratio; waist to height ratio; bodyfat; obesity

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