Upper-arm anthropometry as nutritional assessment in preschool children in Latvian population

Gunderga Lipsberga, Dzintra Kažoka


This data is a part from the study ordered by the Ministry of Education to assess physical development of pre-school children in Latvia. Various somatometric measurements were determined – height (cm), the body mass (kg), the circumference of the head, chest, waist, hips (cm), vital lung capacity (ml), blood pressure (mm/Hg) and other parameters. This study evaluates the body mass index (BMI), overweight and obesity prevalence of pre-school children. Comparing the data with the data of other European countries, we can conclude how high the prevalence of overweight and obesity in our country is and what are potential activities to reduce the prevalence.


Body mass index; nutrition; upper-arm muscle area; upper-arm muscle area by height

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.12697/poa.2016.25.2.03


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