From Egyptian Desert to Scottish Highlands – the radiographic study of a Twenty-Fifth Dynasty coffin and mummy bundle from the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland

Lidija M. McKnight, Robert D. Loynes


Since 1936, the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland, has curated a wrapped ancient Egyptian human mummy within a wooden anthropoid coffin. In June 2013, funding was procured to transport the mummy and coffin to the University of Manchester for radiographic study, whereby information regarding the life and death of the individual was sought.

The mummy and coffin were imaged using digital radiography (DR) and computed tomography (CT) at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The process revealed that the bundle contained the mummified remains of a single human individual, which had suffered extensive skeletal disruption. This paper focuses on the radiographic analysis of the artefact.


mummy; coffin; imaging; DR; CT

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