Segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis in children aged 7–18 years living in Ankara-Turkey: Age and sex difference in the measures of adiposity

Timur Gültekin, Parasmani Dasgupta, Başak Koca Özer


Background: Obesity among school children has emerged considerably in the recent years with changing of life styles.

Aim: The present study analyses the patterns of fat accumulation during childhood and adolescents.

Subjects and methods: A Cross-sectional sample of 684 female and 687 male (total 1,371) Turkish children, aged 7–18 years, were selected randomly from schools, by the permission of the Turkish National Educational Ministry. The percentage of bodyfat (BF), the weight of fat mass (FM) and the fat free mass (FFM) in trunk, right and left leg, right and left arm (all in kg) were estimated.

Results: The findings revealed a significant increase in BMI, BF, FFM, the trunk fat and the trunk muscle mass over the studied age periods in both sexes. The mean trunk FFM and trunk FM were higher in males than in the females. On the contrary, the mean trunk FM and whole body FM for females were higher than in males. During the years of adolescence FFM, as well as BF, increases in the males and the gains are considerably greater than noticed in the females, who accumulate more body fat.

Conclusion: The present study generates the baseline data for undertaking future investigations on the obesity of the Turkish children.


obesity; bioelectrical impedance; body segments; fat pattern; Turkish children

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