The Körmend growth study 1968 and 2008: Somatotypes of the boys

Gábor A. Tóth, Jenő Németh, Péter Molnár, Csilla Suskovics


The Körmend Growth Study, a series of cross-sectional anthropological surveys, repeated in every 10 years since 1958, was among the firsts to demonstrate the existence of secular trends in the growth and the maturation of children. In this paper the authors give an overview on the physique of the Körmend boys based on the Körmend Growth Study. Somatotype (physique; defined according to the Heath–Carter anthropometric method) of 6–18-year-old boys, measured in 1968 (K-68) and 2008 (K-008), was analyzed and compared. Significant age-dependent changes in somatotypes were found in both study periods. Secular changes in the somatotype of boys were also observed in this West-Hungarian town.


somatotype; secular trend; the Körmend Growth Study

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