Trophinin and integrin β3 expression in the human endometrium. A pilot study

Piret Männik, Ragnar Toomas Kibur, Andres Arend, Marina Aunapuu


The study involved ten patients with tubal factor infertility. Patients (Group I, age 28–34 years, n=5; Group II, age 35–40 years, n=5) underwent endometrial biopsy on postovulatory days 7–10 of the natural menstrual cycle. Endometrial biopsies were studied by histological methods, presence of trophinin and integrin β<sub>3</sub> in the endometrial surface epithelium and in the glandular epithelium was assessed by immunohistochemistry. Low levels of β<sub>3</sub> integrin and trophinin were estimated in the endometrial epithelial cells in most patients, particularly in Group II, which reflects reduced endometrial capacity for adhesion and points to problems with the implantation of the embryo.


endometrium; infertility; immunohistochemistry; trophinin; integrin β3

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