Body composition characteristics and body surface area

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Aija Geriņa-Bērziņa
Uldis Vikmanis
Gunta Purkalne
Silvija Umbraško


Chemotherapy dose calculation for oncologycal patient is using the human body surface area (BSA). BSA is a variable with a difficult constitutional body and physiological assessment. BSA does not reflect the exercise on body composition in relation to the various body modifications: obesity, amputation of body parts, pregnancy. Body surface area despite the documented limitations remains the most commonly used parameter chemotherapy (cytotoxic therapy) of cancer patients.

The new guidelines are intended obese patients is to achieve the same maximum dose rate calculated BSA taking into account the full weight rather than using the statement or reduce weight by restricting intake. Experience shows that there are significant restrictions on the dosage given on BSA in obese patients, amputation of a body part or to become pregnant.

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Geriņa-Bērziņa, A., Vikmanis, U., Purkalne, G., & Umbraško, S. (1). Body composition characteristics and body surface area. Papers on Anthropology, 22, 34-40.