The growth charts of Estonian schoolchildren. Comparative analysis

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Erik Salm
Ene Käärik
Helje Kaarma


The current growth charts of Estonian children are based on the data collected in 1996. The aim of this article is to study whether children still correspond to these norms. For that purpose, an overview is given of the height, weight and body mass index of Estonian schoolchildren. These measurements have been collected mainly from 2006–2009. These data are compared with the results of 1996 by means of statistical tests.

During the interim period, the development of Estonian schoolchildren has changed. Children are significantly taller (boys by 4.84 cm and girls by 3.86 cm on average) and heavier (boys by 5.90 kg and girls by 4.20 kg on average). The mean body mass index has also increased significantly (in boys by 1.30 units and in girls by 0.99 units on average). In conclusion, it can be said that schoolchildren do not correspond well to the current norms, and the growth charts need updating.

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Salm, E., Käärik, E., & Kaarma, H. (1). The growth charts of Estonian schoolchildren. Comparative analysis. Papers on Anthropology, 22, 171-183.