Appropriate sounds and words in the light of ecological psychology

  • Olga D. Volchek Saint Petersburg Institute of Humanities, Saint Petersburg
Keywords: appropriate sounds, geocosmic weather, letter-sounds, psychophysiological state, poetry, traditional healer


Based on the latest evidence of the meaning of individual sounds, we studied multiyear indices of letter-sounds frequency in poetic texts, %, in relation with natural environment conditions of the year they were composed. We analyzed lyrics of 2,300 songs and 1,600 poems written in 1935–1985 and in 1955–2014 respectively. In both cases reliable changes in the variations of each sound frequency were detected by Fisher’s criterion at p≤0.001. Correlation analysis of yearly average speech indexes and geocosmic weather parameters revealed multiple correlations at p≤0.05÷0.001. Apparently, natural environment conditions have an impact on speech and musical sounds production through influencing the psychophysiological state. Consequently, unconscious unity with natural environment helps to find right sounds and right words. The similar process, probably, takes place in the practice of the best traditional healers and psychotherapists.


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