On systematisation of Estonians’ body build data

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Helje Kaarma
Gudrun Veldre
Liidia Saluste
Mart Lintsi
Jaan Kasmel
Ene-Margit Tiit
Raini Stamm
Maie Toomsalu
Andres Arend


Based on research results of women’s, men’s and children’s body build, we present the arithmetic means of adult Estonian men and women (aged 20–70 years) as the national norms. Classifications based on gender and age enable to somatotype the subjects according to the classes of the classification.

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Kaarma, H., Veldre, G., Saluste, L., Lintsi, M., Kasmel, J., Tiit, E.-M., Stamm, R., Toomsalu, M., & Arend, A. (2017). On systematisation of Estonians’ body build data. Papers on Anthropology, 26(1), 9-27. https://doi.org/10.12697/poa.2017.26.1.01