A study on the lifestyle of school-aged children in Pärnu City and County

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Monika Übner
Kandela Õun
Merle Mägi


In 2013/2014, a study on students’ health behaviour was conducted in Estonia. In 2016, a school-aged children’s lifestyle study was carried out in Pärnu City and Pärnu County. The survey explored the students’ relations with their family and friends, family affluence, physical activity, use of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis. 2,512 respondents participated in the study, 48% of them were boys and 52% girls. The respondents mainly had a family with two biological parents and their family financial status was mostly “good”. About half of the respondents played computer games 0.5–3 hours a day, but those who were physically active spent less hours behind the computer and had higher family financial status. Respondents who were not physically very active met friends less frequently. In communication with friends, they used more social media. The questionnaire included several questions about risk behaviours. If the respondent had one bad habit, this was likely to lead to other bad habits, too.

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Übner, M., Õun, K., & Mägi, M. (2017). A study on the lifestyle of school-aged children in Pärnu City and County. Papers on Anthropology, 26(1), 97-106. https://doi.org/10.12697/poa.2017.26.1.08