Morphological peculiarities of the testes in 41–50-years-old men

Kristina Lasienė, Donatas Gasiliūnas, Nomeda Juodžiukynienė, Anita Dabužinskienė, Aleksandras Vitkus, Birutė Žilaitienė


The morphological parameters such as the length, width, height and weight of 20 pairs of testes were measured in this study. The volume of the testis was calculated using the formula: Volume = length (L) × width (W) × height (H) × 0.71. These morphological parameters of the right and left testes were compared.

The total length, width and height of both testes of 41–50-years-old men were 4.53±0.46 cm, 3.05±0.31 cm and 2.58±0.36 cm respectively. The total volume and weight were 25.53±6.06 cm3 and 20.93±4.75 g respectively. The length, height, volume and weight of the right testis were significantly larger than of the left testes in 41–50-years-old men. Only the width of the right and the left testes differed statistically non-significantly.


men; morphological; testis; volume; weight

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