Disasters and the elderly: The Turkey case

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Timur Gultekin
Nehir Varol


From the past to the present, people have been exposed to very different kinds of disasters, and it is evident that women, children, the elderly and the disabled are the groups most affected by disasters. As elderly people differ according to their socio-economic, health and psychological status, they can be undefended and vulnerable to many emergencies. Protection of these disadvantaged/vulnerable people from disaster risks, raising their awareness and taking measures for these groups in disaster plans are highly important. The aim of this study is to find what should be done to secure their life and livelihood. Therefore, based on secondary research, this study analyses their current situation, challenges they face during and after disasters. Within the scope of this aim, this study is focused on gaining experience from natural disasters that occurred in Turkey in the past and people’s reaction to these disasters, especially their effects on the elderly.

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Gultekin, T., & Varol, N. (2019). Disasters and the elderly: The Turkey case. Papers on Anthropology, 28(1), 36-46. https://doi.org/10.12697/poa.2019.28.1.03