Beurteilung der Wirksamkeit und mögliche Risiken der aktuellen Geldpolitik des Eurosystems. Assessment of effectiveness and potential risks of the Eurosystems recent monetary policy

Armin Rohde


In the present article effectiveness and potential risks of recently implemented non-conventional monetary policy measures by the Eurosystem are discussed. The goal of research is to show that an additional use of non-conventional monetary policy measures is meaningless to stimulate lending behaviour of the banking system in the Euro-area. At the background of the state of conventional monetary policy today, which in short is characterized by unlimited and free of charge allotment possibilities of central bank money to monetary financial institutions, there exist no monetary policy restrictions which prevent lending behaviour of the banking system. So alternative intentions of the European Central Bank are discussed in this article, why non-conventional monetary policy measures had been implemented. In this context it is shown, that the use of single non-conventional monetary policy measures as well as the whole arrangements of the recently very expansive monetary policy involve considerable potential risks, which can inflict severe problems to monetary policy in the future.


Monetary policy; European Central Bank; interest rates; paper currency; forward guidance; Quantitative Easing; exchange rate depreciation

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