Einige kritische Betrachtungen zu neuesten Entwicklungen in der Estnischen Wirtschaftspolitik. Mõned kriitilised märkused Eesti majanduspoliitika viimastele arengutele

Matti Raudjärv


The paper contains a brief treatment of the economic crisis in Estonia, associating it critically with the general economic situation and reasons. The issues of unemployment, increase in prices and several other important areas are under review. Adoption of euro and the price dynamics in Estonia are treated separately. In the opinion of the author the price increases are not caused by the euro but by the greed for profits and irresponsibility of businesses and traders. National institutions do not view economic policy as an integrated activity either but rather see it as behaviour and choices appropriate for a particular political party. Situation in quite a few areas is critically evaluated, including the activities of the Estonian political parties in power. Organisation of the recent elections of the Estonian Riigikogu (Parliament) is evaluated and suggestions are made both for improvement of the organisation of elections in the spirit of democracy and for the related needs for further development of the Estonian national economy.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15157/tpep.v19i2.422

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