Economic and legal aspects of the patent litigation in the European Union: developments and perspectives. Patendivaidluste lahendamise majandus-õiguslikke küsimusi Euroopa Liidus: arengud ja perspektiivid

Ants Kukrus, Raul Kartus


This article introduces an ongoing process of creation of the Unified Patent
Litigation System (UPLS) in Europe and describes shortly the structure of the
proposed European and European Union Patents Court (EEUPC). Current patent
litigation systems in various European countries and deficiencies in the current
systems are also described. The EEUPC will deal with the infringement and validity
cases of European patents and EU patents. This article contains a detailed list of
court actions over which EEUPC has exclusive jurisdiction, benefits of the new
system as well as stakeholders’ concerns.


European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA); Unified Patent Litigation System (UPLS); European and European Union Patents Court (EEUPC); Agreement on the European and Community Patents Court; European Union patent (EU patent); European Court of Justice (E

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