Die Familie v. Liphart im Spiegel ihres Archivs im Herder-Institut Marburg

Dorothee M. Goeze


The article introduces the archive of the von Lipharts, a noble Baltic German family, stored in the document collection of the Herder Institute in Marburg (DSHI). The von Lipharts and their Raadi Manor near Tartu were of great importance to Baltic cultural history, and the archive reflects their role in the politics, economy and cultural life of Livonia, as well as the family’s subsequent status. A more in-depth presentation is made of the various materials in the archive that are related to the communications and activities of the Liphart family related to culture and art. In addition to describing the development and character of the family archive at the Herder Institute, the article also provides a survey of the historiography of the Liphart family and the latest research based on the collections in the archive.


Liphart Family Archive; Herder Institute; Document Collection; Von Liphart; Baltic Study

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.12697/BJAH.2016.12.04


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