A.4. On the identity of the 'Q. Fabius' of Val. Max. 2.7.3

  • Ralph Covino University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Keywords: Roman history, attribution, Valerius Maximus, Quintus Fabius, magistrates


Münzer, Broughton, and others have provided a variety of identity options for the Q. Fabius who is mentioned at Val. Max. 2.7.3. Some attribute a quaestorship to this Fabius whereas others have been more skeptical. This paper seeks to explore the issue more fully so as to better illustrate the process by which magisterial attributions are made as well as to offer an alternative account to that which is commonly accepted in the post‐Broughton era.


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Ralph Covino, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
History Department and the University Honors Program