The Corpus of Czech Verse

Petr Plecháč, Robert Kolár


The article presents the Corpus of Czech Verse (i.e. a lemmatised, phonetically, morphologically, metrically and strophically annotated corpus of Czech poetry) and the online tools and frequency lists that give access to its data. The following online tools are described: Database of Czech metres – the main tool for working with the corpus data, Gunstick – a web application that serves to investigate the frequency of rhyme pairs and their historical development, Hex – an application which enables to search the Corpus of Czech Verse for texts which contain a keyword specified by the user, or to display all keywords found in the group of texts specified by the user, and Euphonometer – application which enables to quantify the degree of non-randomness of sound repetition in any text.


Czech poetry; versification; corpus linguistics; verse theory

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ISSN 2346-6901 (print)
ISSN 2346-691X (online)