Estimation of the sample size required for obtaining given sample coverage

  • Mihhail Juhkam University of Tartu
  • Kalev Pärna University of Tartu
Keywords: class distribution, sample coverage, required sample size, size indices


We consider sampling from populations with large number of classes. The problem is to disclose a sufficiently big number of classes,
which represent a dominating part of population (e.g. 99%). In many applications, e.g. in genetics, disclosure of all classes is not necessary, since it can require a very large sample and, hence, is too costly. In this paper we propose a method for estimation of the sample size, necessary to achieve a given sample coverage. We apply the method to populations where the class probabilities are the members of a geometric sequence. A Monte Carlo study demonstrates that the method we propose gives good results for values if the common ratio of the sequence is not too close to 1.


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Author Biographies

Mihhail Juhkam, University of Tartu

Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Kalev Pärna, University of Tartu

Institute of Mathematical Statistics