Quasi-monomiality and operational identities for Laguerre–Konhauser-type matrix polynomials and their applications

  • Maged G. Bin-Saad Department of Mathematics, Aden University, Kohrmakssar P.O.Box 6014
  • Fadhle B.F. Mohsen Department of Mathematics, Aden University, Zingebar
Keywords: hypergeometric matrix function, Laguerre and Konhauser matrix polynomials, operational identities, generating matrix function, differential equations


It is shown that an appropriate combination of methods, relevant to matrix polynomials and to operational calculus can be a very useful tool to establish and treat a new class of matrix Laguerre–Konhauser polynomials. We explore the formal properties of the operational identities to derive a number of properties of the new class of Laguerre–Konhauser matrix polynomials and discuss the links with classical polynomials.


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