On generalized Lagrange–Hermite–Bernoulli and related polynomials

  • Waseem A. Khan Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Integral University, Lucknow-226026
  • M. A. Pathan Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (CMSS), KFRI, Peechi P.O., Thrissur, Kerala-680653
Keywords: Bernoulli polynomials, Laguerre polynomials, Hermite polynomials, Lagrange–Hermite polynomials, Lagrange–Hermite–Bernoulli polynomials


We introduce a new class of generalized polynomials, ascribed to the family of Hermite, Lagrange, Bernoulli, Miller–Lee, and Laguerre polynomials and of their associated forms. These polynomials can be expressed in the form of generating functions, which allow a high degree of exibility for the formulation of the relevant theory. We develop a point of view based on generating relations, exploited in the past, to study some aspects of the theory of special functions. We propose a fairly general analysis allowing a transparent link between different forms of special polynomials.


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