Use of the hyperelastic model for plastic materials by example of the three-bar truss

  • Vladimir V. Chekhov V. I.Vernadsky Crimean Federal University
Keywords: Incompressible material, deformation theory of plasticity, hyperelastic material, finite deformations, hybrid automation, symmetric three-bar truss, static loading, structural alloys, optimal design


Particular features and traits of a model of large deformations applied for static analysis and design of metal structures with plasticity are considered. Foundations of the deformation theory of plasticity relevant for incompressible materials are formally generalized for the model of hyperelastic body described by equation of state in the Finger form. The behavior of the model is analyzed for the case of uniaxial tension. The collected results are used to explore a symmetrical three-bar truss made of two materials. Relations describing behavior of the truss under conditions of the geometric and physical nonlinearities are obtained. Specifics arising in the analysis and design of the truss using standard structural alloys are analyzed.


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Author Biography

Vladimir V. Chekhov, V. I.Vernadsky Crimean Federal University

Department of Computer Science, Taurida Academy