Thue's equation as a tool to solve two different problems

  • Sadek Bouroubi USTHB University
  • Ali Debbache USTHB University
Keywords: D_1^3-set, Diophantine equation, cubic-triangular number, Thue's equation


A Thue equation is a Diophantine equation of the form f(x; y) = r, where f is an irreducible binary form of degree at least 3, and r is a given nonzero rational number. A set S of at least three positive integers is called a D13-set if the product of any of its three distinct elements is a perfect cube minus one. We prove that any D13-set is finite and, for any positive integer a, the two-tuple {a, 2a} is extendible to a D13-set 3-tuple, but not to a 4-tuple. Using the well-known Thue equation 2x3 - y3 = 1, we show that the only cubic-triangular number is 1.


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